Monday, October 20, 2014

"Step In the Name of LOVE" 2014 Breast Cancer Walk!!!

Hi Pretty Girls!!! I know its been a while and everytime I post I say I'm going to do better, well this time I'm not gonna say a It just is what it is!!! Well as you have seen last year that every year I participate in the BREAST CANCER WALK.. I love doing this!! I walk in LOVE for my Aunt and grandma whom are SURVIVORS!! I most definetly walk in LOVE for my MOTHER who did 2years ago from Breast Cancer and an aunt who died from this terrrible disease as well..

Well not only do I walk for my loved ones. I walk with LOVE for anyone and persons family who has had Breast Cancer and is a SURVIVOR or is deceased!!! I step IN LOVE FOR EVERYONE!!!

So with that being said here are a few pics that My Family participated in this Saturday....Breast Cancer Walk (it's called the Miracle Mile Walk)... and we had a ball!!!

"Family" all our mothers had and died from Breast Cancer.
Me,my sister. 2cousins and my daughter

My sis and my daughter]


My sis and my daughter

We are FAMILY!!!

 Cousin and her family!
My Aunt (Breast Cancer Survivor) and my sister

MY sister with my daughter and my nieces!!

MY sister and her friend Black!!!

Pretty Girls when I tell you we had a ball!!! We really had a ball!!! Every year it gets better and better(its that a word) and I enjoy my family and my self every year..

So after the walk we ate at IHop and had an amazing time there as well.. Followed by later that evening with me cooking steaks and lobster tails on the grill... I always love when family comes together!!!

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.Matthew 18:20

Good night PRETTY GIRLS!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Cruising the Savannah River"

Hey ladies!! Again its been a while.. I have missed soo many great postings that should have went up. None the less I have really been enjoying my own town. My sister and I, who has recently moved back home from Arizona has loooved revisiting our city!!
This particular day we decided to take the tour of the Savannah River. This boat in my town takes you up and down the River for a small fee. We took the kids and we had a ball!!
The Captain was amazing!! He shared soo much great history about my own city and state that I had no clue of!! It was very enlighting and fun all at the same time.. I just cant talk enough about it!! If you are ever in my town (Augusta, GA) please visit the River Walk Marina and that a ride. You wont be disappointed!! Here is just a high light of some of the pics my sissy took.

Hop on guys!!

Me and the Captain
He was really the best and shared soo much history with us!!

A breath of fresh air!!

All aboard!!

CheezN down The River


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pre-Birthday Pt II !!

Hi Ladies!! Here is a post of my sisters B-Day gathering!! I'm fortunate enough to live in the city and state where the Masters is held(Golf Tournament) My sister decided to have her birthday gathering at Rhineharts Oyster Bar. This is one of my favorite places to eat!! Good food and good fun is what we had!! 

                            Check out the pics below..

Me aka Ghost Face!! lol random Master guys and my sister!!(birthday girl)

Me and some Master Guys!!!

My self and my sister. (I look so darn GHOSTLY!!)

Pam aka Birthday girl and one of the random Masterers!! lol

The Birthday girl and her cousin Reggie

Cheers!! The were shooting "Alabama Slammers!"

Me, my sisters and her friends!

Me and the Birthday girl!! My sister...

We had an amazing time for my sister on her birthday!! I really enjoyed our Masters Tourist, as I also do!! I was not happy with the ashy face!! Ladies I know my make up and Mac has matched my makeup for the last 10+ years. Giiiirl I went to that Mac Up counter ASAP the next morning asking questions about why I look soooo white.. And it was all my fault for one I did not moisturize before applying my powder and she also told me that different flash on cameras will have you looking crazy!!! So after it was all said and done I was OKAY!! 

My Birthday is tomorrow~~ April 11th~~~

and I cant wait to post and enjoy my day!!!

Again Thanks for stopping by



Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good evening ladies.. I Loooove the month of April. Mainly bc its my birth month!! This Saturday I met up with my brother and sister at the Mexican Restaurant for mine and my sisters pre b-day... Hers is tomorrow (April 7th) and mine is this Friday the 11th!! OMMMGG.. I will be 38 years young!! (Lord where has the time gone).. So here are a few pics of our outing.. Hopefully more to come this Friday for my 38th birthday!!

And of course I had to get a selfie in there!!lol

Or two!! lol

Me and my daughter Hannah

My sister and Hannah..

So there should be more to come. I never really do anything for my birthday, and this year I wanna change things and hang out and do something!! Im sooo not a club person,(partied like a rock star in my younger days) but I'm having a birthday gathering for some live Adult Jazz at a local club. I've heard good things about the band so I figure I would go for my day and invite a few family members and friends!! I cant wait to see how this turns out!! lol

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Where have I been??

Hi guys!!! Its been a while since I have last posted and I wanna apologize for that. Let me also say Merry Late Christmas, News Years and all that other good stuff.  Every time I think I'm gonna do better at blogging that doesn't happen! You ladies have noooo idea of how my life has been spiraling what seems like outta control. I wanna update you all and hope that I can make is short bc I'm just over everything(not really) Well you know I had to move outta my house bc the owner let the house go in foreclosure..I was tooo sad and hurt about that...So fast forward I moved to a cute little house that was soo far from everyone and it really wasn't the best area, but I was scared and thought that change would be good for me... I actually fell in love with the house after much prayer and looking at the house over 5xs. I moved to this little cottage in May of 2013.. and as of December 2013 I was ready to move out of it!!! 

Read about all my moves in my previous blogs..

Christmas night (12/25/2013)my house was broken into.. Luckily no one was home. I was a little shook up but I was really ok.. I figured OKAY.. I have gotten my initiation and I should be good from here..  (they were trying to steal my 55"inch TV) So here I am headed to work (12/29/2013) waiting for my dad to come and stay with my daughter while I go to work. He was late and was like he was almost there. I left the house bc I had bn dealing with BS from my job already. Well as soon as I got to work I got a call from the neighbor saying that my house was broken into and that my child had ran out the house down the street to her house!! I almost lost my mind!! like what!! again??????????? 4 days later and they come back!!! this TV is seriously about to be the death of me!!! 

I handle everything with the authorities and send my child off to family. I stayed behind to man my house. So now my house is broken into 2xs and my job is still trippn!! I literally went HAM (but i was professional with it tho) on them bc they called me demanding that I be to work the next day bc I had an unemployment hearing to complete concerning a former employee... Like seriously WTF!!! do they not realize what has just happened to me and my child.. no courtesy or concern but they acted like they cared so much for me while I ran my office for a month and a half, 14hour days just 2 months prior!!! SMH!!! some ppl!! So a day or 2 later (Jan 3,2014) my job then lays me off work bc they claim it  was lack of work.. OKAY whatever!! I'll take that bc I was sooo sicka them and I wanted to find another job any ways!!! They paid me severance pay and granted me unemployment...Now I'm outta work and waiting to find somewhere to live. I get the apartment but its weeks for an upstairs apt is available. (my daughter said she felt safe if we were upstairs and I understood that) Now we are waiting to move into the apt on Feb 11,2014.. I started moving on that day. We were do to have bad weather the next day(Snow Storm) I lost power and the house I was moving from so we went and stayed at the apartment. The next day I went back to the house to get more of our things and to check on the house and to my suprise they had broken in for the 3rd time!!! SMDH!!! By now im pissed and literally crying inside bc I'm like 2014 cant be like this!!!!! Like what have I done to deserve this!!!???

Fast forward a little more... I'm now in my apt..980sqft from1200sqft... talking about tight!!! I'm 99% done with putting things away. I just had to stop this week bc I was really feeling depressed and mentally and emotionally drained!! I want soo much more for my life and I just dont understand what is going on and why and I having such hardship. Like really what have I done!!?? 
I know GOD does not give us more than we can handle etc etc.. but I'm soooo tired and stressed out! I have to keep my FAITH and know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!

Today my daughter had her 13yr old well check up today and I decided I would try to get my groove back and start blogging again..... I really want to start up a YouTube channel on My Life my Struggle.. Literally

Without  anymore delays here are a few pics from taday

my first time ever doing flexi rods on my hair..

With all my issues this week.. I treated myself to get my nails done and I got a muuuuch needed massage!! Now I may can see some light at the end of this tunnel!!

Thanks for listening and letting me share "My Life Struggles"