Thursday, October 25, 2012

"NO place like home"

Its written all over my face.... I had a great day at work today.. 
   This is actually a Maxi dress that I just pulled down to wear as a skirt. I paired it with this fuschia cardigan and black tank.
 What I wore:
Skirt: Citi Trends(really a Maxi dress)
Black Tank\Cami: Family Dollar
Fuschia cardigan: gifted (old)
 awww... the wind beneath my like my hair..

 Silver Earrings: It's Fashion
Black and Silver necklace: Dots(gifted)
Silver ring: It's Fashion
Silver beaded bracelet: Walmart
Silver sequined flats:Old Navy(old)
This post was a "no place like home" because of my shoes.. and there really is no place like home... At some points and times I have had hopeful thinking and wished I was Dorothy, to just click my heels and be Of all the places I do like to be it is home.