Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Totally "Crossed" out

What it do boooo!!!?? Hi ladies!! I came up with the post title bc of the "Cross"on my top and earrings.. I also posted a few pics just to show you all how much my hair style is growing out... I really dont mind it bc the lady actually cut it waaay to short. (but I LOVE it anyway) This was not the cut I was really shooting for, but I didnt mind it bc my hair grows back pretty fast.

What I wore
Shirt: Citi Trends
Pants: New York& Co
Shoes:Bandolino (thirted) goodwill
Jewelry:Its Fashion,Old Navy and Citi Trends
Have a blessed day

Friday, July 19, 2013

Food for the SOUL

What it do boooo!!! So last night I was able to cook a nice meal.. I haven't cooked all week, so I was due to prepare a meal...We had a nice serving on Turkey Spaghetti and Garlic bread(sour dough) salad with heirloom tomatoes,avocados, cucumbers with a nice zesty vinaigrette dressing. I topped mine off with a lil glass of Vodka and mango juice.

Nice and easy... Yet soo good too!!

This is the lil glass of Vodka and mango juice.. Mind you I was sipping while I was cooking.. (lol) and this is what I had left.. a lil sumn to wine me down for the night!

This awesome salad... Avocado,tomatoes and cucumbers.. with a zesty dressing
and last but definitely not least.. dessert.. I had Neapolitan ice cream, peaches topped with wet
Pecans.. it was soo good and I was soo full too!! lol

Open the FLOOD gates

What it do boo!!! I have something soo shocking to tell you all!! On last weekend my daughter and I went to our local River Walk bc it was all over the news about it being flooded...So as everyone knows we have been getting tremendous amounts of rain.. Well so much rain,that our River Walk has over flown... YES!!.. The Amphitheater is under water.. It is also roped off for the safety of the people.. Ladies we have not had an issue like this in forever... It was soo amazing to see. And on yesterday we went back by there and the water has subsided and has gone down some.. Sorry I don't have pics of that but I do have some from last weekend of it under water.. The Savannah River has taken over the RiverWalk!!

This is a picture of the water on the walking path of the Riverwalk... just off the Amphitheater.. I will take more this weekend to show you all so you can see how it was before

Thanks ladies