Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pre-Birthday Pt II !!

Hi Ladies!! Here is a post of my sisters B-Day gathering!! I'm fortunate enough to live in the city and state where the Masters is held(Golf Tournament) My sister decided to have her birthday gathering at Rhineharts Oyster Bar. This is one of my favorite places to eat!! Good food and good fun is what we had!! 

                            Check out the pics below..

Me aka Ghost Face!! lol random Master guys and my sister!!(birthday girl)

Me and some Master Guys!!!

My self and my sister. (I look so darn GHOSTLY!!)

Pam aka Birthday girl and one of the random Masterers!! lol

The Birthday girl and her cousin Reggie

Cheers!! The were shooting "Alabama Slammers!"

Me, my sisters and her friends!

Me and the Birthday girl!! My sister...

We had an amazing time for my sister on her birthday!! I really enjoyed our Masters Tourist, as I also do!! I was not happy with the ashy face!! Ladies I know my make up and Mac has matched my makeup for the last 10+ years. Giiiirl I went to that Mac Up counter ASAP the next morning asking questions about why I look soooo white.. And it was all my fault for one I did not moisturize before applying my powder and she also told me that different flash on cameras will have you looking crazy!!! So after it was all said and done I was OKAY!! 

My Birthday is tomorrow~~ April 11th~~~

and I cant wait to post and enjoy my day!!!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good evening ladies.. I Loooove the month of April. Mainly bc its my birth month!! This Saturday I met up with my brother and sister at the Mexican Restaurant for mine and my sisters pre b-day... Hers is tomorrow (April 7th) and mine is this Friday the 11th!! OMMMGG.. I will be 38 years young!! (Lord where has the time gone).. So here are a few pics of our outing.. Hopefully more to come this Friday for my 38th birthday!!

And of course I had to get a selfie in there!!lol

Or two!! lol

Me and my daughter Hannah

My sister and Hannah..

So there should be more to come. I never really do anything for my birthday, and this year I wanna change things and hang out and do something!! Im sooo not a club person,(partied like a rock star in my younger days) but I'm having a birthday gathering for some live Adult Jazz at a local club. I've heard good things about the band so I figure I would go for my day and invite a few family members and friends!! I cant wait to see how this turns out!! lol

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