Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good evening ladies.. I Loooove the month of April. Mainly bc its my birth month!! This Saturday I met up with my brother and sister at the Mexican Restaurant for mine and my sisters pre b-day... Hers is tomorrow (April 7th) and mine is this Friday the 11th!! OMMMGG.. I will be 38 years young!! (Lord where has the time gone).. So here are a few pics of our outing.. Hopefully more to come this Friday for my 38th birthday!!

And of course I had to get a selfie in there!!lol

Or two!! lol

Me and my daughter Hannah

My sister and Hannah..

So there should be more to come. I never really do anything for my birthday, and this year I wanna change things and hang out and do something!! Im sooo not a club person,(partied like a rock star in my younger days) but I'm having a birthday gathering for some live Adult Jazz at a local club. I've heard good things about the band so I figure I would go for my day and invite a few family members and friends!! I cant wait to see how this turns out!! lol

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