Friday, July 19, 2013

Food for the SOUL

What it do boooo!!! So last night I was able to cook a nice meal.. I haven't cooked all week, so I was due to prepare a meal...We had a nice serving on Turkey Spaghetti and Garlic bread(sour dough) salad with heirloom tomatoes,avocados, cucumbers with a nice zesty vinaigrette dressing. I topped mine off with a lil glass of Vodka and mango juice.

Nice and easy... Yet soo good too!!

This is the lil glass of Vodka and mango juice.. Mind you I was sipping while I was cooking.. (lol) and this is what I had left.. a lil sumn to wine me down for the night!

This awesome salad... Avocado,tomatoes and cucumbers.. with a zesty dressing
and last but definitely not least.. dessert.. I had Neapolitan ice cream, peaches topped with wet
Pecans.. it was soo good and I was soo full too!! lol

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