Friday, June 14, 2013

" It's like a heat WAVE!!"

Hiiiii ladies!!!! Well yes... its definitely like a heat wave.. At least here in the south anyways.... So remember that I told you all that I have been staying with my aunt for the past 2days bc my air was out... Well guess what?????????? the owner has agreed to replace the unit with a new one... YES!!! I will now be in some cooler climates.. lolol.. Thank GOD... me the dog and the kid can now come home to a cool house!! YAAY!!  
No more of these rough/hot temps in the house... They should be installing the unit as we speak( I type) lolol.. cross your fingers and wish me luck. I'm going home for lunch just to check on the progress..
Yes.. you are reading it correctly!!! lol.. that is what my thermostat was at on Wednesday when we left the home at 6:30pm.. and the next morning when I stopped by the house at 8am it was reading 83.... smh
Let's hope the heat wave in the house is over or at least coming to an end!!
Have a blessed day


  1. ugh I know same here smh

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    1. Yes!!! this heat is nooo joke!!! and THANK GOD my air is now fixed... Bc if it wasnt I dont know what I would do!! lolo

  2. That is miserable, we turned or air up too high once when we went out of town and came back to a 90 degree house. It was impossible to sleep!

    1. Omggg!!! I know u were n especially with the baby...Stacie u hv no idea of how miserable we were... The next day the air was fixed!!! Now we hv a much needed cooler house.. only thing now is I know it has bn I know raining for atleast 40Days n 40nights. But as hot as it gets in GA... I wont complain!!