Monday, June 10, 2013

Sitting On Top of the World..


Hi Ladies... I'm so late with posting... I have had alot going on. my brother was hospitalized week before last for having a seizure and now my father is in the hospital now with fluid around his heart.. When I tell you all the devil is busy.. Oh Miss Lady he is really busy.. But the DEVIL can ride but he can' DRIVE!!
Any who.. I'm loving my house.. and still trying to decorate and get settle amongst the sick and shut in... I did manage to get a few snap shots in on week b4 last.. I love wearing my hair in a Top Bun..
I think its cute and all but I'm soo tired of my hair.. I'm not the one to care about having long hair.. I have let it grow for the last 2yrs.. B4 mom mom past last year she would always say Tiffany don't cut your hair.. So bc of her I have let all this mess on my head grow... lol.. I'll stop rambling..
What I wore:
Shirt: Gifted
Cami: Family Dollar
Skirt: Family Dollar
Earrings: Citi Trend
Thanks for showing love

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