Thursday, May 2, 2013

" ijuswannavent"

     Well 2moro will be here before I know it and all the moving will begin... I just wanna vent a minute...As I told you all before that I have to move (against my will)... I was all scared and mad about moving, then I found  a place, shook it off and became excited...

     Then my emotions got to me this week... I'm already a "worry ward"!! lol...It hit me at work yesterday like a ton of bricks... Its that time of the month, the stress kicked in, (realization that I have to move)and on the 17th of this month will be a year that I lost my Mother. I let the tears flow like nobodies business... Its bad because yes, I knew this day was coming, but ladies when I tell you I don't do well when I have to move!! I really don't do well..

     OK.. so I cried!! and I mean I cried.... (very silently at my desk)... I got some very encouraging words from friends, dried my face and had to remember that I was LOSING MY FAITH!! I'm always telling others wisdom etc etc and here I was lost and dumb, acting like I don't know.. I sat and gathered my thoughts.. The devil is trying to steal my joy. Yes it was\is a bitter sweet move, but I know what the devil meant for bad GOD meant for good... I re-encouraged myself, said a few prayers and its looking like a BRIGHTER DAY!! You know we don't always have it all together all the time.( at least I know I don't) For the most part I'm always telling others the goodness of the lord and trying to keep them encouraged... But honey yesterday I needed some of that courage JUICE... and it felt SO good to receive it..

    My sis and I was talking while still packing last night and she was like sis why are you so stressed and worried!! If you have all this help coming then why are you crying and tripping... Calm down and chill out..  And that's what I did... I really am feeling better about my situation... I'm definitely ready to have my house in order because the clutter and disarray is killing me.. lol..My friend texted me this morning and shared a scripture with me that I really needed to see and I just wanna share it with you all..

2 Corinthians 5:7 " For we walk by faith, not by sight" 
     We cannot waiver in faith because of the way things seem We do not judge things by their appearance, but we must trust that GOD can make a way. And we must call it "handled" before we ever see it handled...
AMEN!!! now that was a message that I definitely needed to "SEE"!!

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