Thursday, April 25, 2013

Transitioning!! (warning.. pic HEAVY)

living room



back yard.. look at all the grass and dandilions

living room

my bed room

living room
 SO... my post title says "Transitioning" and sad to say but I'm doing just that.. I moved into this house 2yrs ago. And I gave and put in alot of blood, sweat and PLENTY TEARS!! My step dad knew the owner of this home.. When I first saw this house I was like oooooh H***!!!! NO!! bc the house looked like a hoarder was living there.. (and I'm so serious) Well I had bn living in an Apt since I left home at 21. Now with a child I thought this was the perfect time that I could get a house, have a yard the whole nine, and I did (for the last 2yrs) until the owner let the house go into FORECLOSURE!!! Yes you guys foreclosure.. I have heard of this happening, but I never thought I would be going thru it too... I found out the beginning of Jan... He(owner) hadn't paid the mortgage in 9months. You guys I scrapped wall paper and boarder off walls. Painted every room in the house, re tiled the bathroom...I did!!! and did it all by my self.. I was so hurt that I was betrayed like I was.

Well long story short... and here I am now, having to move... I'm leaving my 3bedrooms and 2 bath for a 2bedroom 1bath.. And I have learned to accept it and I'm really fine with it... (after much prayer)My new place is tooo cute...( I will be posting pics soon) I will be moving next weekend to my new lil "Humble Home".. and I'm excited and reeeeady to go!!  There is so much that I could tell you that I went on with this process, but I have accepted it and so there is no need to go on about it. (besides, nothing will change) WE ARE SO READY TO MOVE ON THAT WE (I) DON'T EVEN CLEAN UP LIKE I USED TO EVERY THURSDAY. I'm just tired... my grass looks a mess. I would never let my yard look like this.

I just wanted to share with you all just how much we don't care... lol.. How much I have packed and we are literally living on top of I don't even make my bed hardly anymore.. OK.. May 4th is my move in date and I will be posting as I start the ball moving.. oooh did I tell you all how much I hate moving... how it depresses me and make me cry... lol.. ok.. I didnt ...lololol... well it does... WISH ME LUCK LADIES!!

front of the house

front of the house..


  1. Everything happens for a reason! NOW... on to a new blessing! Wishing you luck, and hope your new home will make you happier than you've ever been before.

  2. Awwwwwww!!!! Thank You soooo much Adrienne... and your sooo right, that everything does happen for a reason.After I sucked it up and dried my tears I realized that GOD is in control and that he has me.. Once I came to grips with that, I have been excited and ready to start my new beginnings... I feel that aaaall I hv bn thru there is still a blessing with my name on it... Thx for your encouraging words!!