Monday, May 13, 2013

Beautiful Beginnings

Hey ladies.. as I  have mentioned before that I was moving... well... yaaaay meeee!!! Because a week ago last Saturday I have moved in.. I will list some pics of the home before I moved and and of course I will post  you pics of all the mess since I have moved in... The process has been hard(only bc packing, moving and unpacking) but it is worth it.. I'm really loving my new space... Once I'm all set up and done I will post more pics...SO enough of me, rambling here are the pics..


  1. WHOOOPPPP WHOOOOOPPPP!!!! Love it!!! Congrats!!
    I just love hard wood.

    1. Thanks Adrienne... I love them too!!! I'm almost done with the unpacking an decorating.. and believe me you!!! I can't wait til im AAAAALL DONE!!!

  2. Gorgeous
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