Thursday, August 9, 2012

"School Daze"

Well that lil smart amazing 11year old of mine will be starting school on this coming Monday... I am soooo glad!! We went school shopping today and boy am I beat... Luckily I did the school supply thing about a month ago.
So ladies get this, I'm in the mall today with 2 11y\o!!! ughhhh.. my daughter and her lil friend.. I let them pick out the clothes and I judged and did a lil helping them...BOY why did I do thaaaat??? lol

And can you believe that this lil thang is going to the 7th grade??

OMG!! where has all this time gone?? I can remember like it was yesterday me giving birth to her..(sniff-sniff)

So ladies have you finished your school shopping? And why is it that we always wait until the last minute so do things... SMH.. :)

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