Sunday, August 5, 2012

" I'm All smiles "

Cheezn from ear to ear!! lol...and my make up sure looks a lil light right

I know this sun is killing my eyes,, so you would think crazy me would  take those shades off the top of my head and put them on!!!... duh TIFFANY!

Now thats more like it..:)

Shoes are from Payless for like $6...(score) I love these lil gladiator shoes..

Earrings are from It's Fashion..(I think) and I'm sure they were like $3.. I love accessories.. and will purchase them fromANYWHERE!!Honey if I see jewelry in a gas station and its cute, best believe I'm buying it...

Out fit is from Target.. shirt and pants... And TAR-JAY is like the mall to me...I love TARGET!!


  1. lovely outfit, that earring is gorgeous

    Adaora x