Saturday, October 19, 2013

Order my STEPS!!

This morning was our Breast Cancer walk... This was done in remembrance of my Mother, Aunt and all the other living Survivors(aunt and grandmother) and those that has gone on before us! We had an amazing time. And I never mind walking or doing anything for a cause. It was literally thousands of people out their and we (the other people) loved every bit of it!! Last night I cried and had my moment bc I knew that I would be doing this walk especially for my mother... I lost my mother last year to cancer and this May made her 1 year death anniversary! I miss her more than anything. I the youngest(the baby) and I feel I still need my mom. There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about her.. Well please enjoy the pics (pic heavy) bc if I keep talking I'll be crying again.  

 Myself, brother and sister
 My daugther Hannah
 my cuzzn and Hannah
 myself and my cuzzn Meka.. we are on the back of my brothers truck taking pics.. lol.. only she and I would do such a thing!! lol

 my sister Pamela
The Diva aka Meka

A little water and potassium to get me going before the walk.. They provided water, fresh fruit etc for everyone before during and after the walk.. I wish I had taking more pics of the place and people besides myself(vain) to show you ladies... To get our heart rate up we danced to the cupid shuffle and the wobble!!! I absolutely loooved it!!

 my nick name.. we all had our names on the back of our shirts

Thanks for stopping by ladies and God bless you all..




  1. Awh, this is GREAT!! Seems like you all had so much fun for a good cause! :)

    1. Adrienne we did!! I looove and look forward to this walk every year!!

  2. Amazing!! I have always wanted to do this, and you have inspired me to take part in Breast Cancer walk. My God continue to bless your family in your mother's absence! I know she was looking down proudly at you!!

    1. Thanks Lakeisha!! Yes please join in the walk nxt yr or this yr town\city havent had it yet.. It is so inspirational to see all the survivors and those that are walking for a loved one. I felt that my mother was looking upon me because I surely am missing her and always looking up for her!!

  3. of course I love this post so inspiring

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  4. Great pictures for a great cause.
    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Yes it was Sofia!! I also enjoy and look forward every year to do this Breast Cancer Walk..